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How to Save More Money as a Landlord

Buying a rental property can be an excellent investment move. But if you play your cards right, you can save more money as a landlord and possibly expand your business. Being a landlord isn’t easy, and it certainly doesn’t come cheap. To become a landlord, you need to invest a big chunk of your finances

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With Your Assets Intact: Financial Survival for Divorces

Divorce is bad news for several reasons. Besides a devastating emotional blow, it can take a bite out of your finances. A marriage involves two legal entities becoming one and this carries on over to financial assets. When a divorce happens, it can be difficult to separate those two legal entities without some hurt. To

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Hiring a Legal Counsel: Why Is It Important?

Not everyone is fluent in legal processes. Oftentimes, there will be conflicts among the parties, even more among relatives and friends which is a common scenario when handled without any professional help. That is why in a circumstance like this, hiring a lawyer would be wise to aid and represent your interest before anything gets

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Voice over Internet Protocol concept

Perks of Getting VoIP Solutions for Your Biz

Businesses, no matter how small or big, normally allot a portion of their monthly operating expenses for telephone service. This is to call clients, place orders to suppliers, do phone

Move On After a Divorce

How to Move On After a Divorce

Realistically speaking, not all marriages have a happy ending. Sometimes, no matter how hard you and your partner try, some things can’t be worked out. There are cases wherein getting

Car crash

The 4 Common Car Accident Causes

Despite the rise of self-driving vehicles and other new road safety features, there were still 33,654 deadly motor vehicle crashes in the US in 2018 according to the Insurance Institute

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