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Financial Frustrations That Come With Divorce

Getting divorced is a life-changing event that you might not want to be a part of because it can be a scarring situation. You will suffer from emotional and psychological wounds as you and your partner go separate ways. However, you will find that the effects of a divorce are not only limited to them.

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Serving Justice in the Office: Business Management for Law Firms

Law office management is crucial to every lawyer’s career because they’ll need someone to run back-office tasks for them while they focus on defending clients and getting paid. The main functions of managing law firms include overseeing the staff, workload, finances, legal advertising, and marketing. Although you don’t need to manage your law firm perfectly,

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Divorce and Child’s Health: How to Make It Easier for Your Kid

There is a season to everything, even divorce. A study in Washington shows that there are two months out of the year when divorce filings appear to peak: March and August. Several theories tried to explain this phenomenon but one stood out: March and August come after winter or summer holidays. Many couples go on

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Is Separation Better Than Divorce When You Have a Business?

“Til death do you part” isn’t always brought to its intended conclusion. Some 50 percent of married couples in America end in divorce — a dismal rate. But when you have a business, you have no time to dwell on the unfortunate end to your once fairy tale story. Your most precious financial asset needs

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