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The Essentials of Asset Protection

• Physical assets such as equipment, machinery, furniture, real estate, and materials used in production must be protected with adequate insurance and regular maintenance. • Install monitored alarm systems and other security features such as surveillance cameras, motion-sensors lights, or access control systems for offices. • Firewalls, encryption, and two-factor authentication can help protect digital

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Exterior of a shop during the night

Creating the Perfect Facade for Your Business with Safety in Mind

• Installing security measures such as cameras, emergency lighting, and fencing is key to protecting your business from theft or intrusion.  • When designing the facade of your business, consider aesthetically pleasing and safe materials for customers.  • Apply a waterproofing system to decks and patios for extra protection from water damage and slips/falls.  •

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How to Keep Your Workplace Healthy and Productive

Encourage regular handwashing practices and provide adequate handwashing facilities. Offer health programs such as regular dental screenings and on-site exercise classes. Subsidize gym membership for employees to stay active outside of the office. Provide healthy snack options to keep employees energized during their work day. As businesses continue to re-open, keeping your workplace healthy is

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Dental equipment being used by a dentist at a clinic

Leveraging Technology to Grow Your Dental Business

• Automation of administrative tasks with digital technology can reduce paperwork and increase efficiency.  • Online appointment scheduling allows patients to book timeslots that fit their schedule without long conversations with the receptionist or office manager.  • Patient management software helps with records, appointment scheduling, and insurance claims processing.  • Online marketplaces allow dentists to

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personal injury lawyer with client wearing a neck brace

5 Causes of Personal Injury Cases in Businesses Today

Unsafe working conditions, faulty products, neglectful supervision, unsafe premises, and employee exhaustion all pose risks for personal injury cases. Businesses should take steps to prevent hazardous conditions by conducting regular safety audits and providing adequate training. In an injury claim, businesses should consult with an experienced lawyer and insurance adjuster to determine how to proceed.

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construction workers on hydraulic mobile platform

Top 5 Best Practices for Managing a Construction Business

Establish worker safety protocols and provide protective gear. Prioritize employee well-being, offering competitive wages and benefits. Maintain high-end equipment with proper inspections and insurance. Manage supplier relationships vigilantly. Utilize technology to streamline processes and maximize efficiency. Running a construction business is a challenging feat. It requires an in-depth understanding of the industry, as well as

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local business staff

How to Keep Your Business Safe for the Community

• Keep your premises clean and well-maintained to show that you care about the community and prevent accidents.  • Mitigate hazards through fire safety, chemical safety, electrical safety, Covid-19 cleaning protocols, and secure storage of hazardous materials. • Make sure you and your staff are properly trained in health and safety protocols. • Monitor your

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technology robot

Legal Matters You’ll Encounter in Running a Manufacturing Business

• Employers must comply with local labor laws and industry regulations when hiring staff or independent contractors. • It is essential to protect intellectual property rights by filing the required documents with the right authorities. • Environmental regulations should be followed to remain compliant with local laws and protect the environment. • Safety protocols must

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6 Advances in Greener and Safer Logistics

For years, businesses have been improving their logistics processes to make them safer and more environmentally friendly. In the past few years, some significant advancements in logistics technology have made this goal more achievable than ever before. Here are six of the most important advances in greener and safer logistics. Autonomous Vehicles Autonomous vehicles are

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man checking loads

Using Third-Party Services Safely: What Measures to Consider

Logistics is an often overlooked but critically important part of running a successful business. It involves managing and coordinating resources, materials, and personnel to ensure that goods are transported promptly and cost-effectively. Without careful consideration, the cost of logistics can quickly become prohibitively expensive for many businesses. The International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA)

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