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Making Your Company Attractive to Potential Employees

If business owners and managers are being honest, it’s not always easy to attract top talent. Experts even say there might be a labor shortage. While it’s certainly difficult for people to find jobs, the same can also be true for companies looking to hire the most qualified people for specific postings—it’s a challenge to

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What’s Your Next Move Once Your Business Starts Making Profit?

Getting a business off the ground is challenging, but there’s no telling what it can accomplish once it’s open to the world. The challenge will then shift to maintaining the business and tirelessly operating it every day until the time you can start making a profit comes. When that day comes, it will be a

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Things to Separate Your Catering Business from Rivals

People develop a passion for food. It is possible to find cuisines, restaurants, and other establishments that sell tasty dishes of all kinds in different areas. You can also find it at home, at work, during events, and even in small celebrations. Food is an essential part of everyday survival, but it can also be

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Ways to Manufacture Food Without Contributing to Public Health Concerns

Since obesity became common in many countries including America, the food industry has been facing challenges from the government and consumers. With sustainability and health now a public concern, fast-food and convenient-store food are no longer as appealing. And that’s actually a good thing. Manufactured food products are unhealthy. They’re packed with preservatives and are

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Girl Boss: Best Practices for Running a Successful Business

A company or an enterprising entity engaged in commercial, industrial, or professional activity is a business. Having a successful business is difficult enough, but being a businesswoman adds to that difficulty. Women entrepreneurs face several obstacles as a result of an ever-changing culture. The way you approach things makes a significant impact, so here are

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An Employee Got into an Accident? Here’s How You Can Help

Nobody likes getting involved in an accident. But it is a common occurrence that the average person must get scared of daily. Over 1.35 million people die because of road crashes, with an addition of about 50 million suffering from non-fatal injuries. The statistics can be terrifying, which should tell you how much you must

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What to Look for in Remote Employees

In the past year that the world has adapted to the changes brought by the COVID-19 pandemic, many organizations have found their rhythm in working remotely. Some teams have even gone completely remote, discovering that they are capable of accomplishing tasks and collaborating from the safety of their homes. As more vaccinations occur and new

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Riding on the E-commerce Momentum

The Covid-19 pandemic created a boom in e-commerce worldwide. That surge is continuing into 2021, even after the rollout of vaccines. Experts state that the online shopping habit of consumers is going to stay even after the pandemic is over. The Adobe Digital Economy Index forecasts $4.2 trillion in global e-commerce sales this year, with

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The Three Types of Customers You Should Care About

Customers are the most important assets of any business. No matter what industry you’re in, the success of your business lies with the customers. It’s not surprising why many companies are investing in customer service training and resources to provide a quality customer experience and meet their specific needs. One example is the IP PBX

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