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Research Everything: Steps to Take Before Starting a Business

The time has come for you to take the plunge into the business world. Soon, you will become a business owner and be responsible for the growth and well-being of a company. You must prepare yourself for this awesome responsibility with as much research as possible. Owning a business is exciting but first, you must

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Common Challenges in the Time of COVID-19: What Startup Companies Face

Some entrepreneurs have managed to find light amidst the chaos brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. Unlike other entrepreneurs and business owners who gave up on their businesses or business ideas, some still managed to recreate, reinvent, or even reincarnate their business. However, starting or restarting a business during the pandemic has been proven an

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How to Protect Your Business Against Social Media Lawsuits

Social media is an incredibly effective tool for digital marketing. In fact, it is one of the key drivers in a business’ success, regardless if that business is done primarily online or not. However, social media can also be a risky place for businesses. Even if the Internet is basically a digital jungle where people

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Storage Solutions When Your Business is Running Out of Space

A cramped and disorganized business usually stems from a lack of storage space. This is especially true for small businesses that have a moderate amount of stuff but not nearly enough space to store it. If this is the case for you, hold off throwing out half of your stuff just yet. Take a look

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Making Your Customers Loyal and Happy During the Pandemic

The business industry is only one of the many industries that were negatively affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. According to CNCB, about 60% of small and medium business closures are permanent due to the COVID-19. Customers are imperative in a business. Without them, the business would cease to exist, just like how the other businesses closed

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Essential Factors to Consider Before Starting a Company

First-time business owners are always excited about the idea of owning a company. As a result, they tend to skip essential steps, which can lead to future struggles. If you want to start a business, you should know what you need to start and grow your business. Here are things to consider before starting a

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Employee Well-Being: How to Make Employees Feel Valued

Workplace well-being programs have become more popular than ever. They started as mere employee perks for corporates, but today, these are becoming more common among businesses of all sizes. When done right, well-being programs offer employees incentives, social support, privacy, and different strategies to develop and maintain healthy behaviours. Worksites worldwide are incorporating employee well-being

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The Risks in Business You Face During a Pandemic

Experts will be debating about what should have been done during the height of the coronavirus outbreak for years to come. Would it be better if businesses stayed open? Maybe they would’ve survived if they cut more jobs? How about if they borrowed money from the banks or demanded more from the government regarding the

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How to Start Practicing Real Meritocracy in Business

Young employees often enter the workplace with the idea that progression will be linear. It might not be easy, but there’s a clear path to advancement and achieving your career goals. As long as you put your head down and work hard, you’ll get there. This notion has its roots in the concept of meritocracy.

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Keeping Your Workers Motivated Even from Home

Engaging with and motivating your employees is challenging. Over time, employees can feel uninspired and demotivated for various reasons, from personal to professional. The reasons and situations can be so varied that managers need to maintain an open mind when dealing with their employees. The pandemic has thrown many businesses in a state of uncertainty.

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