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How to Manage Remote Work with Family Time

Over the past few months, employees everywhere have had to adjust to a new work set-up quickly without much preparation. A shift towards remote work can already be challenging even during ordinary circumstances. Still, the fact that people have had to do it in the middle of a global catastrophe has made these changes even

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Green Peas

Bulk up Without the Meat

People’s tastes in food have become more diversified over the years. You can see evidence of that in the supermarket, where you can now see sections dedicated to whole foods, dairy-free products, and vegetarian fare. This is great because it provides options for those who want to live a healthier lifestyle. A lot of people

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car accident

Hundreds of Pedestrians Still Die Each Year: Here Are 3 Common Causes

How many people die because of pedestrian accidents? Answer: thousands. In 2018 alone, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) identified over 6,000 deaths. That’s an increase of over 2.5% compared to the previous year. In 2017, at least one perished every 88 minutes. The figures don’t account for the hundreds of pedestrians who suffer

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buying a new car

4 Tips to Help You Save a Fortune

You might find yourself wondering why you cannot save up a lot of money. You might be trying to get part-time jobs or different means to gather income, but you always find yourself in a place that struggles to get any savings started. The problem, however, might be because of discipline over your expenses. You

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Things You Should Never Do to Be a Successful Remote Worker

Are you seriously planning to take on a remote job? Whether you are planning to do this full-time or not, there are things you should avoid doing to increase your chances of success. You may already know that working from home is not easy. But you can never really tell the struggles of remote workers

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lawn mower

Green and Healthy: How You Can Have a Well-Kept Lawn

Having a green and healthy lawn is one of the greatest achievements that most homeowners can accomplish. A green and well-kept lawn does not only add more beauty to your house, but it also gives you a sense of achievement. It makes your home look clean and organized. Lawn & landscape maintenance is one of the hardest

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Move On After a Divorce

How to Move On After a Divorce

Realistically speaking, not all marriages have a happy ending. Sometimes, no matter how hard you and your partner try, some things can’t be worked out. There are cases wherein getting a divorce is healthier than staying together. But divorce is not always a bad thing. Staying in an unhealthy relationship will wreak havoc to both

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