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The Legal Aspects for Digital Marketing Agencies

Every business take benefits from marketing since it strengthens customer relationships and aids in the acquisition of new customers. However, as a digital marketer, you must be aware of several legal issues when communicating with clients and potential customers. Digital marketers, like other forms of marketing, should work within pre-determined legal boundaries. Just like you

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Who Gets Who in a Child Custody Battle?

When parents end their relationship, they need to resolve many things to provide the best future for the children. This includes decisions about where the children will live and how much time each parent spends with them. Fighting and negotiating on custody can be complicated, especially if many factors are at play. For example, one

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Drink and Drive and Lose Your Business

Impaired driving can kill. According to the CDC, in 2016, over 10,000 people died from crashes because of driving under the influence (DUI). These accidents are responsible for nearly 30 percent of all traffic-related deaths. Taking a driver’s drug and alcohol test online can properly educate those behind the wheel on their duties while on

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Legal Aspects of a Feasibility Study

When a start-up grows, it switches the hats of the founding members that need to be passed on to new employees. Unfortunately, this also means formalizing certain aspects of the business. It can get tricky to consider all the laws that affect ventures, but ensuring everything is legal will reward entrepreneurs with peace of mind

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Financial Frustrations That Come With Divorce

Getting divorced is a life-changing event that you might not want to be a part of because it can be a scarring situation. You will suffer from emotional and psychological wounds as you and your partner go separate ways. However, you will find that the effects of a divorce are not only limited to them.

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The Impact of Lawsuit on Your Business and How to Avoid Getting Sued

It is estimated that over 100 million lawsuits are filed every year in the U.S. In a 2017 survey conducted by Statista, 27 percent of businesses worldwide reported more than 21 lawsuits commenced against them in the last 12 months. Large companies in the country spent a total of $22.8 billion just for litigation alone.

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COVID-19 Take-home Lawsuits: How Your Business Can Handle These

It has been a year since the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. People are still urged to stay indoors to prevent the further spread of the virus. COVID-19, which has different mutations and strains, is still not under control even with vaccines already available. This puts people who have already been working on-site at a

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Five Craziest Lawsuits of All-Time

Ever since Stella Liebeck sued McDonald’s for having hot coffee back in 1994, plenty of people had the misconception that you could sue people for almost anything. Most people didn’t know that Liebeck had every right to call a personal injury attorney and file a lawsuit against McDonald’s. But since many people didn’t know the full story, plenty of

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Avoiding Tort-Related Lawsuits in Your Workplace

According to data from the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics, there were 2.8 million nonfatal injuries and illnesses in workplaces across the country back in 2019. Meanwhile, the same agency reported 5,333 fatal injuries in worksites all over the United States during the same year, which was a 2 percent rise from

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