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Key Tips for Giving Your Startup an Unforgettable Name

There is nothing more important than a business name. It’s the first thing your potential customers and clients will know about your business, the first thing that shows up on your website and business card, and the first word that encapsulates everything there is to know about your brand. At the same time, it’s not

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6 Tech Tools Every Entrepreneur Should Have

The business realm is among the hardest-hit industries by COVID-19’s effects, with more than 100,000 US businesses already closed down, many for good. But, such a grim cautionary tale should not deter entrepreneurs from taking some risks, given how critical products and services are to maintain a sense of normalcy in today’s pandemic situation. One

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Disaster-Proof Means Disaster Preparedness in Business

A lot of businesses were hurt when the COVID pandemic started. Falling profits and disrupted systems made it difficult for a lot of operations to survive. Now, with the recovery starting, businesses are coming back. This time around, many entrepreneurs are taking stock of their preparations and are thinking of what they can do to

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Adopting Tech for Businesses to Survive the Pandemic

Small businesses are gradually recovering from the initial effects of the pandemic that affected many industries around the world. At this point, the use of technology was highlighted as businesses turned to it to allow them to recover. It also allowed them to connect with their customers who started to flock online for their daily

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Cloud Servers and Why Your Business Needs Them

In keeping a business operating at ideal levels, it’s important to keep a keen eye on how we produce, access, and store data. Data is integral in keeping operations running smoothly. It’s impossible to fathom a business that doesn’t require quality data management. During the first few months of your business, it’s more cost-beneficial to

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The Biggest Cybersecurity Challenges of Australia’s Healthcare System

In 2019, some hospitals in Victoria under the South West Alliance of Rural Health and Gippsland Health Alliance couldn’t access their regional network because of a ransomware attack. Because of it, these healthcare facilities needed to delay the majority of their services except for emergency care. But this is not an isolated case. By 2020,

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How to Protect Your Business Against Social Media Lawsuits

Social media is an incredibly effective tool for digital marketing. In fact, it is one of the key drivers in a business’ success, regardless if that business is done primarily online or not. However, social media can also be a risky place for businesses. Even if the Internet is basically a digital jungle where people

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Getting Your AirBnB and Rentals on the Digital Marketplace

If you list rental properties and your current marketing strategy is going well, now’s the time to take a leap and grow your vacation rental business even further. Investing in a bit of time and money onto your portal and rental properties can boost your marketing strategy — ultimately helping you reach more guests. But

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Five Tech Products That are Transforming the Food Processing Business

Technological breakthroughs can either be good or bad, safe, or dangerous. Additionally, innovations in the world of tech do not stay there, but instead spread out and begin to influence how a wide range of industries and disciplines behave and advance on their own. For one, smart technology is now widely used in creating cars

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