businessman entering a security password on his business laptop

10 Practical Tips in Securing and Protecting Your Business

Whether you own a small business or a large one, regardless of how long you’ve been in the game, you still need to prioritize your company’s security and protection from anything that could put it at risk. Many companies provide safety and security assessments and recommendations. Never hesitate to acquire their services. You can take

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police car

Ways to Boost the Morale of Drug Offenders

Drug-related offenses are dealt with more harshness than other (and sometimes more heinous) crimes. A woman caught with a small bag of marijuana might receive the same length of incarceration as a man who committed sexual assault. It is disturbing that a mental disorder such as drug addiction can be treated more as a legal

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Jumpstart Your IT Career: Which Certification is Right for You?

The IT sector is one of the most diverse fields to explore a career. But first, you need to acquire a certification to pursue a career in a particular specialization. There are different kinds to choose from depending on your career plans. Here are several options to consider: CompTIA A+  CompTIA A+ is an entry-level

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US Future

Low Birth Rates Put US Future in Question

US citizens are having fewer children — and not as much as the country needs. The country has been below replacement levels since 1970 and the consequences are starting to show. Smaller Workforce Every American family needs to have 2-3 children to sustain the country’s population. Fewer children mean the next generation of workers is

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buying a house

Can I Buy a House With a Low Credit Score?

One of the first things that mortgage lenders look into is your credit score. But if you have bad credit, can you still qualify to buy a house? When you speak with mortgage loan providers in Utah and other cities, one of the first things they will check about you is your credit score. Your

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Voice over Internet Protocol concept

Perks of Getting VoIP Solutions for Your Biz

Businesses, no matter how small or big, normally allot a portion of their monthly operating expenses for telephone service. This is to call clients, place orders to suppliers, do phone meetings with partners and investors, and other tasks that could be done over the phone. Over time, these calls pile up, and unless the business

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